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We're not very talented, we just try really hard - Joe Strummer 1976
Some 7s Clash

On the weekend of 7-10/7/2017 members of iRIS, friends, guests and collaborators gathered together to celebrate the 40th (FORTIETH???) anniversary of the 'summer of punk'. This site is a memory of those events & an invitation to share your memories and thoughts of all things 'punk/DIY' 

Joe Strummer Slept Here


Punk Poetry



Graham Roberts' began his engagement with making (rather than writing) through a number of 'creative outputs' with his (then) University of Leeds colleague Stephen Hay in the early 2000s. 

JSSH - a film about memories of The Clash busking tour of 1985 was shot in 2010. This developed (via the beginnings of iRIS) into an interactive documentary in 2015 & first shown to the public at Duke's Bar, Glasgow in the days before Christmas 2015.

'Some Sevens' was graced with the presence of Stephen Micalef - founder of the seminal 'zine sniffin glue and punk poet. Here he reads from his work on the early days of punk - ' The Punk Kings of Dyslexia by Steve Micalef

A link to the Joe Strummer Slept Here iDoc can be found below



On 10/7/17 Kelly Zarins organised a 'zine' workshop in order to engage in some 'punk/DIY' hands-on craft. This experience was enhanced by the reminiscences of Steve Mick and Johna Johnson

Zine Workshop

A short video demonstrating the process of creating a 'zine' workshop

Full Zine workshop discussion 

MWMC Soundtrack


On 9/7/17 we performed another of our collective, collaborative, improvised soundtracks to 'Man With the Movie Camera (Vertov, USSR, 1929). 

Here is a short film of the 'band's' performance.

Below is a link to the full soundtrack



'Some 7s Clash' is part of a series/collection of projects under the umbrella term of 'punk/DIY' within the iRIS research centre. The productions are created by collaborative endeavour and are testing how far such a democratising process can be pushed. If the result is 'anarchy' we (collectively) have to decide if/when this is a good thing. In these projects we are seeking to make connections, build communities and 'do it ourselves' in the spirit of 'punk'.


Please feel free to contact us ....
Email: g.roberts@leedstrinity.ac.uk